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We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable learning environment, which for now means using our virtual learning platform. We are thrilled to offer this high-quality option! 


As we begin transitioning back to a few in-person classes, here are the preventative guidelines we will be following. 


With your virtual enrollment:

  • Attend live, interactive and personalized classes each week

  • Receive an instrument/prop kit to use at home for the semester

  • Gain lifetime access to digital materials - music album, story, and activity ideas for home. Levels 4 & 5 (school-age) include physical materials - glockenspiel or dulcimer, learning materials, CDs, and more 

  • One or two additional in-person outdoor classes may be offered throughout the semester at no extra charge (weather and pandemic circumstances permitting)

  • With any enrollment, your whole family may also attend a Level 1 or Level 2 virtual class at no extra charge! If you are enrolled in any Kindermusik class, these two are always open as an additional family-style class to attend throughout the week.

(Note: instrument/prop bin not included unless officially enrolled in the class, but household instruments and items will work great!)

Wondering about screen time?

Our classes are designed to be interactive music and movement classes, even in the virtual setting. The primary goal is to enjoy guided activities together, which means watching a screen for only a limited amount of time during transitions and quick explanations of activities. You'll notice this in our picture above.


Our Foundations classes (babies) are not intended to be screen time at all for your child, and your baby does not even need to be situated to see the screen. Classes will be taught from our teacher to you (the adult) to provide you with ways to engage with your baby for full developmental benefits. Additionally, you will enjoy time to connect with other grownups as we discuss a variety of parenting topics. 

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