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GrouP piano Classes

Ages 5 - 6 years

Caregiver attends with the child

Join us in our "storybook world" as we journey together but play our own, unique music along with the pictures and words to a variety of stories. This improvisational approach to piano will have your child playing beautiful music - sounds, rhythms, and melodies across the entire piano - all while developing piano technique and theoretical concepts, musical expression, and confidence. The fun and supportive group setting will help your child feel relaxed and comfortable to inspire learning and creativity! Each semester will conclude with a special piano showcase that families are encouraged to attend.

NOTE: To help cement the musical concepts and help your child progress, it is expected that each student will spend time playing the piano outside of class with a grownup's help. Therefore, please have access to an acoustic or full-sized digital piano. Practice materials will be provided, and "practice projects" will be discussed each week in class. We can't wait to get started on your child's journey with piano!

Why Group Piano?

  • Learn in a friendly and supportive atmosphere

  • Be inspired by others

  • Develop confidence playing in front of peers

  • Enhance socialization and teamwork skills 



Science shows that having music in our lives, especially playing and improvising, increases brain development. 


Key theoretical concepts being taught:

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